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Legal Ethics Consulting, P.C. (LEC) is a firm that serves lawyers and law graduates in Illinois. The Principal of LEC, Allison L. Wood, has made it her mission to help good lawyers stay out of disciplinary and malpractice trouble and to provide disciplinary defense when they need it. Ms. Wood is a seasoned trial attorney who served 7 years as a Hearing Board Chair with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois (ARDC) where she presided over lawyer misconduct cases. In addition, Ms. Wood served nearly 5 years as Litigation Counsel with the ARDC where she investigated and prosecuted cases of lawyer misconduct.


  • a Bar applicant who faces challenges with the Character & Fitness Committee;
  • a lawyer who has received a Request for Investigation from the ARDC;
  • a lawyer who is a named Respondent in a formal complaint filed by the ARDC;
  • a solo or firm seeking to learn how to reduce risk of professional liability;
  • a Managing Partner or General Counsel seeking an ethics consultation about a firm issue;
  • a bar association or group seeking an Ethics CLE speaker or moderator; or
  • a legal malpractice attorney seeking an ethical evaluation or expert testimony.

Please call (312) 753-6951 to schedule a consultation. There is a fee for the consultation and flat fees for most services.