Are you the subject of an ARDC disciplinary investigation or a formal ARDC complaint?

Did you just receive a letter from the ARDC? Are you anxious about what this will mean to your reputation? Your career? Close your eyes for one minute and take a long inhale, and then let it out slowly.

You may also be angry. The complaining witness may have been a difficult client; may have mischaracterized the facts; or has some agenda to ruin your career. You can’t believe this is happening to you. Wouldn’t you like to speak with an experienced ethics attorney who understands the disciplinary process and who can help you create a strategy for responding to the ARDC?

You have landed in a good place. Ms. Wood served the ARDC as a Hearing Board Chair for 7 years; and as a Litigation Counsel for almost 5 years. Having adjudicated, investigated, and prosecuted cases of attorney misconduct; she can bring all of her unique insights into defending your disciplinary case.

You may feel that you can handle it all on your own or have a colleague represent you. But, why would you want someone to handle your disciplinary case that has no experience handling disciplinary cases? How will you be able to determine how much trouble you are in? How will you handle this very important matter and still provide quality service to your clients?

Contact Ms.Wood at (312) 396-4060 to schedule a one-hour consultation. After the meeting date is set and the fee is paid, you will be provided with directions so you can safely provide Ms. Wood with the documents relevant to your matter prior to the meeting. During the meeting, Ms. Wood will review your unique facts and your documents; provide you with a candid assessment of your case; and recommended strategy for next steps.

Depending on where you are in the process, Ms. Wood can:

  • Provide you with a candid assessment of your matter;
  • Prepare a comprehensive response to the ARDC’s Request for Investigation; 
  • Provide strategic pre-trial defense; and/or 
  • Provide strategic defense for proceedings before the ARDC Inquiry Panel, Hearing Board, or Review Board. 

Even if you and/or Ms. Wood decide she is not the right ethics counsel for you, please seek ethics counsel as soon as possible to help you navigate the disciplinary process. Make sure you review your malpractice insurance policy to see what reporting obligations you have and whether you have coverage for disciplinary claims. Please don’t go through this very stressful process alone.