Ethics Guidance and Advice

Are you a solo/small firm lawyer who needs legal ethics advice or an ethics opinion to make sure you are on the right course?

Are you managing your own firm or a member of a small firm that requires you to assume some responsibility for growing and maintaining the practice? Do you enjoy the independence of being able to decide the kind of clients you want to serve; how you serve them; and what you charge them? Do you enjoy a solid reputation in the legal community? Are your clients generally pleased with your services? You may be a seasoned attorney in a traditional office; or you may be a novice attorney in a suite of offices or a virtual office.

You would never expect to become the subject of a disciplinary or malpractice claim because you are a competent attorney. But, you may have recently come across an ethical issue that makes you feel a little anxious because it doesn’t fit neatly into the ethics rules. Or, you may be dealing with a difficult client who is threatening to sue you. Maybe you are not sure if you can take on a conflicted representation. Given the demands of your practice, you may not have time to fully analyze the multiple ethics rules, ethics opinions, or statutes that may impact the course of action you should take.

Wouldn’t you like to discuss your ethical issues with an experienced ethics attorney who would listen to your concerns, review your documents, and calm your anxiety? Would a written personalize ethics opinion increase your confidence in the ethical decisions you make?

Contact Ms. Wood at (312) 396-4060 to schedule a one-hour consultation. After the meeting date is set and the fee is paid, you will be provided with directions so you can safely provide Ms. Wood with the documents relevant to your matter prior to the meeting. During the meeting, Ms. Wood will review your unique facts and your documents; provide you with a candid assessment of your ethical issue; and recommend a solution.

Every lawyer should have an ethics attorney they can call on for advice and counsel. Loss Risk Managing Partners sometimes need an objective assessment of a complex ethics issue. Even if you and/or Ms. Wood decide that she is not the right ethics partner for you and your firm, it is recommended that you seek ethics counsel to reduce your risk of becoming the subject of a disciplinary or malpractice claim. The time and expense of that early consultation will pale in comparison to the time and expense you will incur to defend your career and your reputation.