Expert Testimony

You are a malpractice attorney. You understand that the question of liability will generally rest on whether the attorney breached his/her standard of care in representing the aggrieved client. Illinois follows the general rule “that expert evidence is required in a legal malpractice case to establish the attorney’s breach of his duty of care except in cases where the breach or lack thereof is so obvious that it may be determined by the court as a matter of law, or is within the ordinary knowledge and experience of laymen.” Barth, 190 Ill.App.3d at 522, 137 Ill. Dec. 463, 546 N.E. 2d 87.

Since courts will typically consider the Rules of Professional Conduct as a guide to determining the standard of care and whether it has been breached, having an ethics attorney on your team will enable you to better serve your clients in a malpractice case regardless of what side you are on.

Early involvement of an experienced ethics attorney not only provides you with an evaluation as to how the ethics rules will likely impact your case; but allows for more meaningful insights should the ethics attorney be required to provide testimony in your case.

While choosing consultants and experts can be a challenging task, here are some of the reasons you might want to add Ms. Wood to your team:

  • As an attorney who has adjudicated, investigated, prosecuted, and defended attorneys in professional misconduct case, Ms. Wood brings a high level of knowledge and experience of the ethics rules and the disciplinary process; 
  • Prior to her service with the ARDC, Ms. Wood was a seasoned trial attorney having handled complex commercial and civil litigation. She has taught pre-trial and trial skills at area law schools for more than a decade.  
  • Ms. Wood is a frequent speaker of ethics programs. She has an engaging way of presenting ethical rules and issues in ways that are informative.  
  • Ms. Wood worked in private practice for over a decade and she understands to bring value to you, she needs to be able to work independently and within your litigation budget

Contact Ms. Wood at (312) 396-4060 to learn how she can provide an assessment of your legal malpractice case.